Devil's Lake State Park sign

Camping at Devil’s Lake State Park, June 2009

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Jason and I took our first camping trip (and my third “real” trip ever) of the season two weeks ago. We headed up to Devil’s Lake State Park, one park that neither of us had ever visited. To add to our firsts, Bailey had her first camping trip. Going into the weekend, we were both excited and nervous about how she would do.

Bailey was a natural camper. She had the greatest time hiking and laying in the dirt. It even stormed our first night; she slept right through the thunder and rain.

Of course, the first heat wave of the summer had to hit the weekend of the trip and we took great care to make sure Bailey was alright. We tried to shorten the few hikes we took, but we had a heck of a time getting Bailey to stop and turn around. She was on a mission — maybe her backpack helped.

Devil’s Lake was a beautiful place to visit and we’re excited to visit again soon. Here are just a few photos from this trip …

Devil's Lake

Jason and Bailey on bluff in Devil's Lake State Park

Creek running through Devil's Lake State Park

Jason hiking with Bailey in Devil's Lake State Park

Tumbled Rocks Trail in Devil's Lake State Park

Bailey and Laura in Devil's Lake State Park

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