Our tent set up for the first time

Tent Camping: Meet Our First Camping Home

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If you are going tent camping, the most important piece of gear you need is a tent. Jason and I registered for our tent and got it as a wedding gift. We went with a Greatland (now Embark) tent from Target.

Laura exiting tent while camping at Peninsula State Park

Why did we choose this tent?

For me, this tent choice was all about the screen porch. Not the most practical of reasons, I know, but it is what it is.

I was also a fan of the size. To me, it’s perfect for two people to live in comfortably. According to Jason, the tent is huge. In my opinion, camping in comfort requires space, and this tent provides it. We have room for our air mattress and bags with plenty of room left to move around.

I learned a very important lesson in regards to tent choice on our first trip to Door Countywater leakage. It rained throughout our second day, enough so that we checked out vacancies at local hotels while we were out for the day just in case we returned to a swamped tent. Our tent held up wonderfully. We literally had two tiny puddles from a couple of small drips through a couple of window seams. We have now survived three rain storms in our tent, and water has still not been a problem.

While we don’t lounge around in the small screen porch, it has provided the perfect transition zone for dirty shoes or wet umbrellas. What seemed unnecessary has become quite indispensable.

For a first tent, we couldn’t have asked for better!

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