10 Things I Love About Wisconsin Badgers Football Game Days

College football is back! Jason and I are going into our second year as Wisconsin Badgers football season ticket holders. We’ll be enjoying a lot of quality time at Camp Randall over the next three months.

Sitting at the home opener this past Saturday, I got to thinking about all the things I love about Badgers football game days. Here are 10 of my favorite things about Badgers football game days!

1. Walking To and From the Stadium

The walk to the stadium on a game day is half the fun. Our typical walk takes us through the heart of the UW-Madison campus. There’s a buzz all around campus, and the walk gives us time to soak it all in.

2. Camp Randall Stadium

One of my favorite things about the UW-Madison campus is the rich history, and Camp Randall is no exception. The stadium opened in 1917, and it’s an amazing place to watch a football game.


3. Beer, Brats, and Cheese

What are you going to eat on a Badger game day? No matter where you choose to kick off your game day — at a bar, a university event, or your own tailgate — you will find beer, brats, and cheese. Enjoy what Wisconsin’s all about!

4. The Video

The history. The emotions. The song. I can’t help but get a little choked up watching the Wisconsin Football video that plays before each game. It’s a totally normal reaction. It is.

5. Bucky

Bucky Badger is the best college mascot, hands down. And he’s a hub of action on game day. One of my favorite Bucky moments was a Halloween weekend game a few years back. Each quarter, Bucky came out in a different costume. The best was his ghost costume — a simple sheet with the eyes cut out — along with a folded cardboard sign that he opened to say “BOO!” Oh, Bucky.

6. Student Section Shenanigans

From the infamous obscene chant to Jump Around, there’s always something going on in the Wisconsin student section. There’s no use in trying to stop the students from doing what they do — it’s part of their fun. While I had a great time as a student, I’m more than happy to sit for the game and just watch the show now.

7. All the Red!

Yes, people wear black Badgers shirts and white Badgers shirts. And of course, there’s always those pesky visiting team fans in their random colors. But the primary color of the day is red, and it’s amazing to see that sea of cardinal red in Camp Randall.

8. Roaming Band

In the second half of the game, small groups of students from the marching band roam around the stadium and play “On Wisconsin” right in the stands. It’s great to hear the fight song echo around the stadium, and it’s even better when they’re playing right to your section.

9. Varsity

“Varsity” is the alma mater of UW-Madison. It’s special to every alumni, and it’s often another moment when I choke up. All happy tears, of course. If you don’t know the song, you can listen to it here.

10. The Memories

I have so many wonderful memories of Badgers football games, from when I was a student to today. Being at a game makes the memories so vivid. A full heart and a huge smile – I love Wisconsin!


Fellow Badgers: What’s one of your favorite parts of a Badgers football game?

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