Yosemite Hike: Lower Cathedral Lake

During the first week of June, Jason and I spent four full days in Yosemite National Park. We made the drive up from Las Vegas for our fourth visit to the park. It’s our happy place!

Every time we visit Yosemite, we aim for one epic hike. This year, we completed one that we had clamored to do: Cathedral Lakes.



We set out from the trailhead shortly after 9:00 am. It was a perfect morning with clear skies and cool temperatures.

Most Yosemite hikes start by going up, and this one was no exception. The first mile was rough with its steep climb and rocky trail. Then it leveled out and was quite pleasant.


Once we hit the second climb, we met the snow. Hiking this trail in early June, we knew we’d likely hit some snow. We also had to navigate our way across a bunch of small snow melt streams. Honestly, we had a lot of fun with it … but kind of dreaded the slippery hike down.

Finally, the trail flattened and started to descend. We knew we had to be close.


The trail opened up into a marshy meadow and after a wet, hopping crossing, we made it to Lower Cathedral Lake just in time for lunch. We found a spot on the granite slab and soaked it all in.





We hung out for an hour or so before starting the hike back. But like last year’s hike to Gaylor Lakes, we could have stayed there forever.

The hike to Lower Cathedral Lake was moderate for a Yosemite hike. It wasn’t easy, but it definitely wasn’t the most difficult hike we’ve completed in the park. It’s a classic Yosemite hike, and we will definitely hike it again on future trips.

For more details on this hike, visit Modern Hiker’s overview: Hiking Cathedral Lakes – Yosemite National Park.

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