Bailey and Naya on their bed in the new camper

Inaugural Camper Trip, Part 1

Jason and I were super excited about our new camper, and we wanted to make sure to get out for one trip before winter. We finally did last weekend, and I have only one thing to say:

The camper was the best investment ever!

With this being our first time taking the camper on a trip PLUS Naya’s first camping experience ever, we decided to stay close to home. We got super lucky to book a last-minute site at the Ottawa Lake campground in the southern unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Here’s the one bummer. For the days and weeks leading up to our trip, the weather forecast was perfect. No rain. Decent temperatures (for Wisconsin in October). Then around noon on Friday, the sunny skies clouded over and by the time I was leaving work, it was sprinkling. Great.

Setting up camp for the first time with a camper and two dogs, in the rain, was a little chaotic, but not as bad as it would have been had we been tent camping. Most of the setup rested with Jason, so I headed inside with the dogs.

The rain became steadier as the evening wore on, and while Jason did make dinner over the fire, we spent the evening inside. Inside = best thing ever!

Naya took to the camper immediately! She loved the dogs’ actual bed (the bottom bunk). It took her only about 5 minutes to claim the sofa, and only a hop, skip, and a jump to land on Jason’s and my bed.


Bailey, however, was a bit of a pill. She refused to listen to us most the weekend, which became a problem in the tight quarters of the camper. Because of the rain, we set up the table inside the camper (something we planned on setting up outside under the canopy). While that was part of the problem, someone was just a stinker.


We made the most of our night by playing Bananagrams while listening to our camping/road trip music mix. It was wonderful! And I remembered why I fell in love with camping — relaxation and quality time with my little family!

And with that, we went to bed for the first time in our new home away from home.

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