Laundry closet renovation finished

Finished Laundry Closet (and Lessons Learned)

Check off another completed home improvement project … for the second time. Jason finished our laundry closet re-do and, with the exception of a little paint touch-up, our laundry room is back in working order.

So after completing this project four years ago only to have to re-do it now, you’d hope we learned some valuable lessons. We did, and here they are:

Don’t Buy a Front-Loading Washer/Dryer

Just kidding! While I don’t exactly love front-loading machines, I know why we bought them. At the time, we assumed that, given our space constraints, we had no choice but to stack our washer/dryer. In reality, we had more than enough room to have our washer and dryer sit side by side.

And now, I wouldn’t have my beautiful counter over top of them if they weren’t front loading – silver lining!

Laundry Room Remodel

Lesson: A stacked washer and dryer will move around. It’s nearly impossible to correct. We didn’t do enough homework on our end when we bought the machines.

Trust Your Instincts

Maybe it’s the wisdom that comes with old age, but I am learning to trust my first instinct. If I look through the laundry room images I’ve pinned on Pinterest, I see a bunch of side-by-side front-loading machines with lovely counters spanning the space above them.

Lesson: When it comes to making your home a place you love — and this includes all the spaces in your home, big and small — trust your instincts. If I had noticed the pattern of what I was drawn to, I could have saved Jason the trouble of gutting an already finished space in order to finish it all over again.


The frustration of having to re-do a home improvement project and the chaos in the midst of it pale in comparison to the love I feel for my amazing new laundry space.

Who ever thought I’d use “love” and “laundry” in the same sentence? Anything is possible, my friends!

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