Camping at Lake Wissota State Park

After staying one night at Devil’s Lake State Park to kick off our Summer 2015 vacation, we hit the road for our next destination — Chippewa Falls and Lake Wissota State Park.

Lake Wissota may sound familiar to you if you’re a fan of the movie Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack Dawson, called Chippewa Falls home and had a nasty ice-cold water experience on Lake Wissota (although it’s man-made and didn’t exist at the time of the Titanic’s sinking. Details …).

Our campsite at Lake Wissota was awesome! We had a U-drive, so we could just pull through with the camper and position it so it blocked the view of the road. Trees surrounded the rest of the site. It was the perfect amount of privacy.

Campsite 88 at Lake Wissota State Park in Wisconsin

This was the first time we set up a full campsite with the camper. We put out the awning and created a dining area under it.  The first evening was spent just relaxing at our campsite. It was perfect!

Jason relaxing at our campsite at Lake Wissota State Park in Wisconsin

The next morning, I needed to get in a half-marathon training run. (Yes, I ran a half-marathon in September, and I’ll definitely be writing about that experience.) The campground we were in was shaped like a figure eight, so I just ran several laps around it. It started to get hot and humid at about the halfway point, so it was a struggle to finish … especially when I kept circling past my eventual finish line.

After my run, Jason and I headed out for a hike along the Lake Trail. A spur trail leading to the Lake Trail was right across the road from our campsite, bringing us to the mid-point of the trail. We first hiked down to the beach area.

Beach at Lake Wissota State Park in Wisconsin

After we checked out the beach area, we hiked the full trail in the other direction, which ended with a great lookout over the lake.

Laura at Lake Wissota overlook in Lake Wissota State Park in Wisconsin

I am assuming that’s a bird in flight right behind my head!

Neither Jason nor I had ever been to the Chippewas Falls area before, so we spent the rest of our day exploring the town. First up was a must-visit — the Leinenkugel’s brewery.

Leinenkugels Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

This was my first brewery tour (shameful for a Wisconsinite, I know) as well as Jason’s (because he really hates beer). It was interesting, and we both appreciated the rich history of the brewing company. Ironically, the beer-hater of our duo paid enough attention on the tour to win a prize during our post-tour quiz. And we scored a major victory when Jason declared Berry Weiss “not terrible.” I’ll take it.

Leinenkugels brewery tour in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Our other stops in Chippewa Falls included Irvine Park and Zoo and another supper club, High Shores Supper Club. We dubbed this our camping and supper clubbing vacation!

Two nights, one and a half days. Our time at Lake Wissota was short but sweet.

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  • Reply Brendan Alan Barrett April 14, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Oh wow, that looks like so much fun! Just another reminder that I need more camping in my life.

    The closest we get the great outdoors are our trips to Payson, AZ.

    Those trips are great. Payson is a gorgeous place all year, but nothing beat camping. 😉

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