Our new house in Illinois

By the Way, We Moved to Illinois

How’s that for my first blog post in six months!? Let me back up and explain how we got here …

In 2016, Jason took on an exciting project opportunity with his company. This project took him all over the country, spending months working in places like North Carolina and SoCal. He’d come home on weekends for his first few weeks working at a new site, but he’d eventually have a month stretch at each where he couldn’t come home. It was tough living alone for a whole year, but we knew it was a great professional opportunity for him and for our family.

When the project was complete, Jason got a new job with the company … in a new state. The move brought us to the Chicago area, where we’ve been since Valentine’s Day.

Our new house in Illinois

Honestly, making the move excited me. But this was my first real experience moving an entire household, and I knew myself well enough to know I’d freak out at some point. And I did … at many points.

I worked throughout the entire move. I left our intact house for work on Monday morning only to come home to it completely boxed up. The next day, it was all loaded up on trucks. And Wednesday, hundreds of boxes filled our new house. Thankfully, Jason was able to take time off and manage the entire process. But for me, this level of chaos was too much to handle.

Unpacking progress

Unpacking progress was slow, but steady.

The other thing adding to the stress of moving was the stress of moving with two dogs to a house with no yard (yet). No yard is no fun, especially when you have one dog who can’t figure out how to go potty on a leash.

Cold morning walks with the dogs became part of our routine.

We had our yard put in mid-April and got our backyard fenced in by mid-May. Finally, stress-free potty time!

Front yard sod

Glorious sod!

Dogs running in fenced-in backyard

The dogs love their new yard!

Now that the mess is over, I can say that I’m 100% happy that we moved. We like the area where we landed — we still live in the country in a town smaller than where we came from. But now, we’re much closer to big city amenities.

Our house has quickly become a home. A new house gave us a chance to update our interior to better reflect who we are as a family now versus who we were 10 years ago.

The one thing that I miss most about our old place is our deck and backyard. It was pretty wonderful. But because of flooding along the creek in our old backyard, it wasn’t the most usable. The dogs didn’t have a lot of space, and the tall deck with yard below didn’t let us enjoy the yard with our dogs.

I have made it my mission to turn every backyard of every home we own into an amazing retreat. So far, so good with our new yard. I’m glad we can enjoy more fully our time outside with the dogs now!

Patio at the new house

Seven and a half months have gone by in a flash. We’re full-fledged Illinois residents now … as much as it pains us proud Wisconsinites. Now, it’s time to take advantage of this change and explore!

If you have any must-do/must-see things in Illinois, please share!

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    Your new Home is beautiful, enjoy. love you Two.

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