Naya watches out the truck window on the way to go camping at Rock Cut State Park

Camping at Rock Cut State Park, August 2017

Two weeks after our first camping trip of the summer, we headed back to Rock Cut State Park for another relaxing weekend.

Unlike our July camping trip to Rock Cut State Park, we scored a better campsite this time. The narrow site was wooded on both sides and along the back except for cut-outs in the tree line to pass through to the neighboring campsites.

For the dogs’ sake, the camper itself blocked one of these openings. And on the other side, the people occupying that site also had a camper parked facing away from us. The car blocked the view of the road. What we won’t do to keep these two dogs from barking.

Jason, Naya, and Bailey relax outside the camper at Rock Cut State Park

Better campsite aside, there wasn’t much different on this trip versus the previous one. The weekend consisted of games, reading, and relaxing.

My camping read was Talking to Animals: How You Can Understand Animals and They Can Understand You by Jon Katz. As I wrote in this Three Things Thursday: Recent Reads post, I wasn’t a huge fan of the book. It was redundant, preachy at times, and not really reflective of the title. I trudged through reading it, because what else was I going to do. But it meant many more card game and puppy snuggle breaks — not a bad tradeoff.

Talking to Animals by Jon Katz

Oh, I almost forgot! I started practicing my flat lay photography. My subject was our meals … because our camping meals are delicious and deserve to be captured.

Flat lay photography camping meals

I also got around to hanging the map we got years ago from the National Parks Foundation in the camper. The intention was to get pin stickers and mark all the places we’ve traveled. Of course, I never got a chance to start marking places before the camper (and the map) fell victim to the fire.

National Parks Foundation map in camper to mark travels

Luckily, we received another map from the National Parks Foundation in a recent fundraising appeal. I set it aside for our future home away from home … when we are able to invest in a camper again.

We ventured out for one more trip after this one. And we actually visited a different Illinois state park! We’re getting mighty adventurous here!

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