Our new house

We Moved … Again!

You read that correctly. Just 9 months after moving from Wisconsin to northern Illinois, Jason, the dogs, and I were on the move again. Our second move in 2017 took us to the St. Louis area. I’m pretty sure we could be classified as crazy for moving twice in one year. But you never know when great opportunities will come along, and we’re seizing all the opportunities we can!

The Backstory

After traveling for a work project all of 2016, Jason was offered a new work opportunity in the Chicago area. We sold our house in Wisconsin, bought a house outside of Chicago, and moved to Illinois on Valentine’s Day 2017. This was a big deal for us — we had been in our original house in our hometown for 10 years. When you spend basically your entire life in one place, moving away — even if only an hour and half away — is a major change.

Our new house in Illinois

The move was chaotic for many reasons, but we were settled by early summer and started to enjoy our new home. Then in late September, Jason came home with the news that he had been offered an opportunity with his company in St. Louis. It was the promotion he was hoping for and it was the goal he had worked towards for several years. Even though we had only just moved and gotten settled, this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

The Move

Everything happened really fast from there. We put our house on the market. During a recon trip south, we found a house we absolutely loved. Once we had an offer on our Chicago-area house, we made an offer on the St. Louis-area house. This all happened within a week’s time.

I put into action the lessons learned in our first move. I did A LOT of purging before packing (although we purged even more once we started unpacking at the new place — moving, especially twice in a short period, helps turn you into a minimalist). We packed our suitcases as though we were going on a 2-week trip and kept out any essentials we might need until our stuff would arrive — tools, paper plates, cleaning supplies, a TV and DVDs, and more. And this time around, I would not be working through the move. Hallelujah!

Moving essentials ready to be loaded up

The movers packed and loaded on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And on Thanksgiving Day, we loaded our cars and hit the road for the 5-hour drive to our new home. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner of Domino’s Pizza.

Moving truck in front of the house

Bailey and Naya in the car

Domino's Pizza dinner for Thanksgiving

The moving truck arrived on Monday. Because my only job was unpacking and setting up house, we were relatively settled within the first week. What a huge difference from the first time around! Our stress level was also kept much lower thanks to the already fenced in, complete backyard. The dogs loved it immediately! I think it helped them adjust better, too.

A month and a half here, and we’re pretty much done moving in. We have a little more organizing to do in the basement and garage. It’s nice not to have any major projects, like painting or landscaping. We can just enjoy our new house … and we are!

Our new house

I’m excited to start exploring our new home, for real this time. And I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring for us … because we aren’t moving again for a while!


If you have any good St. Louis area recommendations, I’m all ears!

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  • Reply ellenhatfield January 16, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Loving the look of your new house! Maybe I can see it in person some day. 🙂 I listen to the “What Should I Read Next?” podcast and the host has raved (many times!) about the “Novel Neighbor” independent bookstore in St. Louis. I don’t know if it’s Powell’s/Tattered Cover level…but probably worth checking out.

    • Reply Laura January 19, 2018 at 9:51 am

      We actually have a functioning guest room now, so you’re welcome anytime!

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