Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck

Three Things Thursday: Recent Reads

When we moved to Illinois, I rediscovered the joy of the public library. I’ve devoured books ever since I got my new library card.

I set a goal to read 13 books this year, one more book than I got through last year. But thanks to the deadline-driven nature of a library book, I surpassed that goal. Now I’m just excited to see how many books I do read this year.

Here are my thoughts on three recent reads: Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck, Talking to Animals by Jon Katz, and Rising Strong by Brené Brown.

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First glimpse of Lake Tahoe

Reno and Lake Tahoe: Our First Visit

Surprise, surprise — Jason and I traveled to California for our Summer 2017 vacation!

Ok, this probably isn’t a huge surprise to those who know me or who have followed me for a while.

This summer we did change things up a bit. Instead of flying into San Francisco or Las Vegas en route to Yosemite National Park, we flew into Reno, NV and drove through the Lake Tahoe area.

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Boxes packed in our old house

Three Things Thursday: Moving

Three Things Thursday is exactly what it sounds like — these Thursday posts will capture three things I’m thinking about at the time. It might be three things I’m loving at the moment or, like this first post, three things I’ve learned through an experience. I hope you enjoy!

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